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British Open,Kyoto Animation,Open 2019,The Open 2019,El Chapo,Lili Reinhart's,Lili Reinhart,Neuralink,Netflix,Tom Holland,Kevin Spacey,Chris Pratt's,Chris Pratt,Gossip Girl,Fortnite patch notes,Fortnite,Goldman's,Shazam, Trending US Saat Ini Kamis, 18 Juli 2019 18:00


British Open,Kyoto Animation,Open 2019,The Open 2019,El Chapo,Lili Reinhart's,Lili Reinhart,Neuralink,Netflix,Tom Holland,Kevin Spacey,Chris Pratt's,Chris Pratt,Gossip Girl,Fortnite patch notes,Fortnite,Goldman's,Shazam, Trending US Saat Ini Kamis, 18 Juli 2019 18:00

British Open,Kyoto Animation,Open 2019,The Open 2019,El Chapo,Lili Reinhart's,Lili Reinhart,Neuralink,Netflix,Tom Holland,Kevin Spacey,Chris Pratt's,Chris Pratt,Gossip Girl,Fortnite patch notes,Fortnite,Goldman's,Shazam, Trending US Saat Ini Kamis, 18 Juli 2019  18:00

For Northern Ireland, This British Open Is More Than a Golf Tournament

PORTRUSH, Northern Ireland — Rory McIlroy will assuredly receive the loudest ovations throughout the British Open. McIlroy, a native of Northern Ireland and the third-ranked golfer in the world, has already drawn hordes of spectators to his practice rounds … Selengkapnya

Sumber : The New York Times

Royal Portrush presents a new challenge for Tiger Woods, British Open field

We'll be tracking Tiger Woods's progress on a hole-by-hole basis as he makes his way through Thursday's first round at Royal Portrush. Check back starting just after 10 a.m. Eastern for live updates. Like just about everyone else in the British Open field, Tiger … Selengkapnya

Sumber : Washington Post

Apparent arson attack devastates Kyoto Animation anime studio with many confirmed dead

Several people have been killed after an apparent arson attack destroyed a building at Kyoto Animation, one of Japan's most renowned anime studios. NHK reports that 16 people have been confirmed dead, while AFP says that the death toll is now at 24, … Selengkapnya

Sumber : The Verge

Kyoto Animation studio: suspected arson attack in Japan leaves 23 feared dead

The Kyoto Fire department confirmed that 13 people have died and more than ten people were found with "no vital signs" inside the building, which belonged to the Kyoto Animation Co. In Japan, officials commonly use this term to signify victims have died but … Selengkapnya

Sumber : CNN

British Open 2019: Watch Darren Clarke's emotional opening tee shot to start Day 1 at Portrush

PORTRUSH, Northern Ireland — Darren Clarke didn't have to think twice when he was asked recently by R&A chief executive Martin Slumbers about whether he would be willing to hit the first tee shot to start the 148th Open Championship at Royal Portrush. Selengkapnya

Sumber : GolfDigest.com

The Open 2019 round one: live score updates and leaderboard latest

Alex Noren was winning everything in Europe a while back as he made the Ryder Cup team, but has had a very average season so far. Always a strong player in the breeze with his trusty fade and steep angle of attack though and it is working well for him so … Selengkapnya

Sumber : Telegraph.co.uk

'El Chapo' is contained. The drug war is not.

Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera, better known by his nickname “El Chapo,” now ranks among history's most notorious criminals. He was a central figure in Mexico's drug trade for decades; during the quarter century he led the Sinaloa Cartel, it reaped more … Selengkapnya

Sumber : Washington Post

'El Chapo' Guzmán Sentenced to Life in Prison, Ending Notorious Criminal Career

But on Wednesday morning, the 30-year criminal career of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, known to the world as El Chapo, reached its final chapter as a federal judge in New York City sentenced him to life in prison. The life term, mandated by law as a result of the … Selengkapnya

Sumber : The New York Times

Lili Reinhart's Net Worth Is High Enough to Buy Back Riverdale from Hiram Lodge

Before making it big, Lili Reinhart almost gave up acting, but lucky for us she didn't. At 18, Lili moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career, but after just five months she felt defeated amidst an ongoing battle with depression. But then she sent in a last minute … Selengkapnya

Sumber : Seventeen.com

J-Lo, Cardi B, Lizzo, Lili Reinhart strip and steal in new Hustlers trailer

J-Lo leads a crew of savvy strippers that includes Crazy Rich Asians' Constance Wu and Riverdale's Reinhart, with appearances from hip-hop hitmakers Cardi B and Lizzo. Based on a true story, the film is set in New York during the economic crisis of the … Selengkapnya

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Elon Musk Sees His Neuralink Merging Your Brain With AI

Elon Musk said startup Neuralink, which aims to build a scalable implant to connect human brains with computers, has already implanted chips in rats and plans to test its brain-machine interface in humans within two years, with a long-term goal of people … Selengkapnya

Sumber : Forbes

Elon Musk is making implants to link the brain with a smartphone

Speaking on Tuesday, the CEO of Tesla (TSLA) and SpaceX said his Neuralink devices will consist of a tiny chip connected to 1,000 wires measuring one-tenth the width of a human hair. The chip features a USB-C port, the same adapter used by Apple's … Selengkapnya

Sumber : CNN

Flash flood warning, heat advisory across NY and NJ ahead of summer storms, sizzling temps

The National Weather Service has issued flash flood warnings across most of New York City and much of New Jersey as thunderstorms move into the area Wednesday night. A heat advisory is also in effect for Northeast New Jersey, New York City, Nassau … Selengkapnya

Sumber : WPIX 11 New York

Alert: Spider-Man Is Allegedly Dating Someone Who Is Not Zendaya

I am a bad gossip columnist who did not even know that Zendaya and Tom Holland were maybe dating, but: they were, or they might have been, now they are definitely not, and Spider-Man is maybe dating someone else. … “rocking a Gwen Stacy vibe,” per TMZ—because all blonde-haired women are exactly the same apparently—though she wasn't identified, which is prooooobably for the best, considering Twitter went apeshit when they found out Holland maybe sort of possibly could be who knows has a girlfriend. Selengkapnya

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Netflix reports earnings as competition looms and popular shows depart

Big Tech and Big Media, with their deep pockets and even deeper libraries, are entering the market to topple Netflix from its spot on the streaming throne. And some are taking with them the licensed shows that are popular among Netflix subscribers. Selengkapnya

Sumber : CNN

Netflix Loses US Subscribers as Price Increases Take a Toll

Netflix stock fell more than 10 percent after the market closed, a drop of more than $17 billion in market value. Reed Hastings, the chief executive, brushed off the weak second-quarter performance. “Our position is excellent,” he said on a call with analysts … Selengkapnya

Sumber : The New York Times

Wait, Tom Holland Spent a PDA-Filled Day With Someone Who ISN'T Zendaya

THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Apparently, Tom Holland is seeing someone that isn't Zendaya. And yes, I know that our Tommy already set the record straight last month by confirming that he and Zendaya are not a couple (*sobs*). Can you blame me for being … Selengkapnya

Sumber : Cosmopolitan.com

Charge against Kevin Spacey dropped after alleged victim pleads the 5th

Spacey, 59, had faced criminal charge of indecent assault and battery in connection with a July 2016 incident where he was accused of groping a young man at a Nantucket bar. The former "House of Cards" star had pleaded not guilty and faced up to five … Selengkapnya

Sumber : CNN

Sexual Assault Charge Against Kevin Spacey Is Dropped

Prosecutors in Massachusetts on Wednesday dropped a sexual assault charge against the actor Kevin Spacey, bringing an abrupt close to one of the few criminal cases of the #MeToo era. Mr. Spacey, 59, had been accused of fondling an 18-year-old man at … Selengkapnya

Sumber : The New York Times

Yahoo's story on Chris Pratt's 'white supremacist' T-shirt did us all a disservice

Yahoo Movies U.K. published a story Tuesday night headlined, “Chris Pratt criticised for 'white supremacist' T-shirt.” (You can see an archived version here; I'm not linking the original clickbait.) The story relies on six tweets from Twitter users who found the … Selengkapnya

Sumber : Washington Post

Chris Pratt under fire for wearing controversial T-shirt

Marvel star Chris Pratt is under fire after he stepped out in a controversial T-shirt. The “Avengers: Endgame” actor, 39, was snapped on Sunday wearing a top that is a mash-up of the Gadsden flag, which was designed during the American Revolution, and a … Selengkapnya

Sumber : Page Six

HBO Max To Reboot 'Gossip Girl'

Old TV series don't end. They eventually come back in reboots. And the latest in the recent stream of revivals is a new version of Gossip Girl from Warner Bros. TV and CBS Television Studios on streaming service HBO Max. The serialized drama, which has … Selengkapnya

Sumber : Forbes

'Gossip Girl' is being rebooted

HBO Max, the new streaming service from WarnerMedia due to launch in 2020, has given a direct-to-series order for a "Gossip Girl" reboot. The service has given the show an order of 10 one-hour episodes from the original "Gossip Girl" team, including … Selengkapnya

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Fortnite patch notes: What's new in update 9.40, including the Tactical Shotgun

Reading Fortnite patch notes is one of the more anticipated parts of the week for Fortnite players, as each Fortnite patch tends to bring a mix of new limited time modes, new weapons or changes to existing ones. Each week brings a different focus, so it's worth … Selengkapnya

Sumber : Eurogamer.net

'Fortnite' Update 9.40 Adds New Tactical Shotgun, Nerfs Combat One – Patch Notes

Fortnite update 9.40 has just been released, and we have the patch notes to prove it. The sizable download introduces two new versions of the Tactical Shotgun while quietly nerfing the Combat Shotgun. The latest build also includes new Island prefabs for … Selengkapnya

Sumber : Newsweek

Ron Goldman's Sister Goes Off on OJ Simpson's New Twitter Fame: 'Hard to Stomach' Watching Him Live the Good Life

Kim Goldman is highly uncomfortable with O.J. Simpson's recent Twitter activity 25 years after the murder of her brother, Ron Goldman. Speaking with Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show Wednesday, Goldman said that the newly-launched Twitter account has … Selengkapnya

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Zachary Levi Says Shazam! 2 Likely Happening Soon as Child Actors Grow Up 'Like Weeds'

Shazam! 2 might be coming soner than fans expect for one very practical reason. Star Zachary Levi made an appearance at the CCXP Cologne convention in Germany where he gave an update on the expected sequel to the superhero movie that hit theaters … Selengkapnya

Sumber : PEOPLE.com

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