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‘Back The Night’ Confronts College Women’s Safety – The – The Heights


The Boston College theatre department presented Back The Night this past weekend, an intense and riveting dive into the oftentimes dangerous lives of college women dealing with on-campus assaults and their aftermath.  

The show, written by this year’s Monan Professor Melinda Lopez and directed by Pascale Florestal, a director, educator, and administrator based in Boston, dealt with these sensitive subjects in a manner that was emotional and honest, using storytelling as a way to ask the tough questions about how we can move toward a future that is safe for every person.

Back The Night was performed in the Bonn Studio in Robsham, giving the show an intimate atmosphere, as if each audience member was living inside the story. The set was simple and striking, with a massive chalkboard with classical columns drawn on it hanging in the background. Throughout the show, cast members would scribble words on the blackboard, sharing reactions and stories of assault.  

The show centers on the relationship between two college students—Cassie (Devyn Itula, MCAS ’22) and Em (Marissa Caraballo, MCAS ’20)—who are forced to face a terrifying reality when Cassie is…

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