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Dating online has her waiting on line – Sentinel & Enterprise


Dear Annie: I’m 29 and single. I’m proud to have worked my butt off since college and am now seeing the fruits of my labor. I’ve got the dream job that I’m passionate about, am making good money and have the most amazing group of loved ones and mentors. The cherry on top of it all would be a man I can enjoy all of this with. Since I have a hectic schedule and travel for work, I figured getting back into online dating (in addition to good “old-fashioned” meeting people) would offer some solid return on investment. It has been more baggage than not, though, and I don’t know how to make it work or whether I should just skip it altogether.

“Adam” and I had delicious, witty banter over text for a week and a half. By his pictures, he was the perfect combination of sexy and cute. When we finally met, I knew pretty quickly there wasn’t a long-term connection. “Jeff” and I talked incessantly for about a week, and then he ghosted.

I don’t expect the first — or even the 10th — guy I match with to be “the one.” I’m willing to try them on till one fits just right, but I can’t stand my time and energy being wasted! What’s your advice on how to get…

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