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Review: ‘The Inter-College Showcase’ – Palatinate



Last night saw the first annual Inter-College Showcase, pitting original students’ work against each other in a battle for the Locomotive Cup (a nod to Stephenson College’s namesake). Centred on the theme of ‘dreams’, performances varied not only in quality but in interpretation of the theme, from the ‘dream’ of British citizenship, to a somewhat confusing nod to A Midsummer Night’s Dream and spanning everything in between, from Vaudeville cops and robbers to the intricacies of curling.

The evening is given life through excellent moments of comedic writing

While perhaps not in the same weight class as the rest of the Student Theatre scene, the evening is given life through excellent moments of comedic writing, beginning with James Smith’s The Importance of Queuing. A somewhat self-deprecating exploration of British cultural niceties (centred on the weather, tea, and of course the forming of an orderly line), this opening piece is certainly one of the strongest. This first contender, from John Snow college, questions the bureaucratic and callous nature of the British residency as three earnest hopefuls queue…

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