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Greenwood expands college credit program – pennlive.com


Greenwood School District continues to pursue opportunities to enrich the educational process.

The latest example is a dual-enrollment agreement with Lackawanna College, which will allow students to get college credits for select courses. The pact was approved during the board’s Jan. 8 meeting.

Initially, the four classes are accounting I, advanced biology, American history I and a new offering — hospitality and tourism. Students can elect to earn the college credits for the courses by paying a $100 per credit fee.

Business education teacher Brenda Flanders brokered the deal, capitalizing on her relationship with Lackawanna College she established while working in the Midd-West School District.

High school Principal Michele Dubaich said approximately 60 students would be eligible to participate in the current semester. She said the credits are fully recognized by all schools in the Pennsylvania State System and roughly 50 colleges overall.

Superintendent Nicholas Guarente said the district is pursuing as many avenues as possible to make its educational experience relevant in an ever-changing environment. He thought the partnership with Lackawanna College was a good way to expand…

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