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Google for Education Ventures Into Python | Articles – Go Certify


Google is investing in the future of the global IT workforce by creating IT education offerings and building relationships with schools and colleges. Now it has the Python programming language in its sights.

Over the past four-ish years Google for Education, the tech behemoth’s college/K-12 partnership program, has been slowly but surely developing a workforce “feeder system.” Google’s aim is to provide itself (and business writ large; in particular businesses with an IT component) with an incoming stream of properly educated computing professionals and workers.


Google for Education has been pursuing this course by developing a sizable body of educational materials, and establishing relationships with schools of all kinds. These include everything from primary and secondary education (K-12) to higher education at colleges and universities.


Google has made particularly strenuous efforts, however, to link up with the nearly 1,500 community colleges all over the United States that are a major source of workplace training. Indeed, molding needed workers is generally an express…

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