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One more high school football game for the area’s seniors – Palo Alto Online


Gunn running back Eitan Smolyar follows lineman Saia Faasisila (99). Photo by Butch Garcia.

Although he’s only been around the area for two years, Gunn’s Jason Miller was chosen to coach the North in Saturday’s Charlie Wedemeyer High School All-Star football game at Westmont High.

“It’s been an absolute honor for Gunn to host the North team,” Miller said. “I asked the Gunn kids on the team, did they ever imagine Gunn representing the North in the all-star game? They said no, not in a hundred years.”

Leo Ye/BG

The game pits two 45-player rosters containing many of the top seniors from Santa Clara County high schools. It is named after legendary former Los Gatos coach Charlie Wedemeyer, who was tragically stricken with ALS.

The experience of coaching the North team has been rewarding for Miller, but also enervating.

“I’m almost out of gas,” he said, with a laugh.

He conducts practice for the Gunn team at 7 a.m., has all-star practice from 8-10 p.m,. and teaches a full load of government classes in between.

“There’s been an amazing level of commitment on the part of the players,” Miller said. “Many kids are driving all the way up from East San Jose to practice…

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