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De Jong becomes new jail commander | Sioux Center News – nwestiowa.com


ORANGE CITY—Sioux County Jail has a new commander. 

Former cammader, Judy Plendl, retired Dec. 31 and in her place steps 31-year-old Davis De Jong.

De Jong takes over as director for the 67-bed facility in Orange City after 11 years of working at the Sioux County Jail.

De Jong said he’s been learning more every day about what the job of jail commander entails, but he has had the support of his predecessor. She made sure to work with him before she retired so he would be better prepared to take on the responsibilities of the position.

“As jail commander, it’s my job to make that the jail runs smoothly,” De Jong said. “I do everything from reviewing the new arrests to billing to making sure policy and procedures are followed by staff and inmates. I’m the first call if there’s an emergency in the facility.

“If you can think of a supervisor position, that’s basically what I do.”

De Jong said he has big shoes to fill with Plendl’s retirement.

“Judy was a wonderful commander, and she ran things so smoothly,” he said. “My goal is to excel where she did. I also want to look into more possible programs that we could use here. She…

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