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Women’s Basketball Heating Up In the New Year – The Rampage Online


The Fresno City College women’s basketball team was all smiles as they left the court on Saturday, Jan. 13 after securing a resounding 100-33 victory over the Porterville College Pirates. The blowout served as the Rams’ fourth consecutive win and arguably their most impressive of the bunch. 

On Dec. 29, a loss to Merced College dropped the Rams to a 7-7 record. They have since turned their season around along with their calendars, winning four straight while outscoring their opponents by a combined score of 339-203 after Saturday’s game. 

FCC flew out of the gate, quickly putting up a score of 31-4 at the end of the first quarter, and it was easy to see how the Rams could have posted that kind of score just with their length on the court. They trotted out a starting lineup that easily outsized the Pirates, a difference that paid dividends for the Rams. 

“We don’t really have one big girl, but we have good size all around which allows us to pick passes and be in the passing lanes,” said head coach Alex Fletcher. “We try to be a little disruptive with our length.”

And disrupt they did, forcing Porterville to turnover the ball 30 times and take bad shots…

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