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Students should be taught about protecting their data – Daily Aztec


The beginning of a new decade can evoke reflection on our individual or collective milestones. One of the most significant developments over the past decade is in the advancements of technology, specifically in how valuable personal data has become. 

Think of personal data like a unique marker of your identity in the digital world. The more interaction with an application or a digital platform, the more insightful and invaluable your marker becomes. 

Data collection allows business entities to target individuals by advertising what they perceive their likely interest is. The value of personal data can also be harmful if it isn’t thoroughly protected. 

The New York Times’ Privacy Project went into detail about how personal data, such as location services, can be a tool of surveillance by corporations and governments. In 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced congressional questioning about how Cambridge Analytica harvested data collected from users during the 2016 presidential election. This demonstrates how the utilization of personal data is also employed in political campaigns. 

Dave Leichtman, director of Program Strategy at Microsoft’s Defending Democracy…

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