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Why do we read less as we get older? – The DePaulia


There are plenty of benefits to reading for leisure. Some see it as an escape, while others see it as a tool to advance their own learning and understanding.

“When you are reading for fun it, you are taking time for yourself to do something completely unrelated to other things you are doing,” said DePaul sophomore Priya Fink. “When you read a book, it takes you into a completely different world, so it’s kind of like a break.”

Reading can also be a calming experience. 

“I read books to remind me of my childhood and to destress,” said Nathalie Host, a journalism major at DePaul. 

Students at DePaul University are quite busy with their lives as many not only have full course loads, but they also have other commitments like jobs, both part-time and full-time. This can prevent students from having the opportunity to make time for reading while other distraction can get in the way. 

According to John Shanahan, associate dean and director of Liberal Studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, social media and the internet have led to reading becoming less analytic and more oriented to short passages instead of longer, more deeper reading. 

“In the…

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