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While in Lexington for a conference recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a tour of several new buildings at the University of Kentucky. I’m no stranger to UK, being on or near UK’s campus almost monthly for sporting events and other visits of business or pleasure. And although I am frequently a guest in one of UK’s athletics facilities, I rarely have a chance to peek inside the academic and residential buildings. I was excited for the opportunity. The new UK Gatton Student Center, renovations to the College of Engineering, and new residence halls were especially impressive.

The student center is a beautiful 378,000 sq ft facility that greets visitors with a gorgeous limestone facade and features a bookstore, two dining areas (residential and retail), a fitness/wellness center, and the nicest cinema I’ve ever stepped foot in, boasting a seating capacity north of 500. The social staircase and meeting areas were open and inviting. Glass and flat screen displays were everywhere. This was nothing like my experience at Georgetown College, a liberal arts school just down the road, 20 years in…

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