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The narrative statement is a very important part of your application for admission. It allows you the opportunity to express who you are as an individual and a filmmaker, your desires to pursue your area of interest, and explain to us how the AFI Conservatory will contribute to your goal as a filmmaker.

This document should 1-3 pages in length, double spaced, listing your name, discipline, “Fall 2020” at the top of each page, and saved as a PDF. Please include the following elements:

  • Your background.
  • Your motivation for applying to the discipline.
  • Why AFI Conservatory?

If applying to more than one discipline, each narrative statement should reflect particular thoughts regarding that individual discipline. You must supply a different Narrative Statement for each discipline specific application so that you properly address the required prompt(s). Please note that Directing, Editing, and Screenwriting do not have departmental prompts, so you may craft your Narrative Statement as you wish.

Disciplines with Required Prompt:

Cinematographers, please also briefly discuss what cinematography and/or cinematographers have inspired you, what brings you to study at the AFI…

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