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‘Ofsted needs to embrace online learning’ – TES News


A bit like the plot of the film Yesterday, it is as though a power cut hit Ofsted in early 2019 – but it wiped out the existence of the internet rather than the Beatles.  The digital world has been entirely excised from the education inspection framework (EIF) with not a single criterion reference to anything digital and likewise the first wave of inspection reports are a digital desert. Ofsted has denied any policy change and points to the standard disclaimer in the Ofsted Inspectors’ handbook: “Ofsted has no preferred teaching style.”

However, by inclusion and exclusion, Ofsted strongly influences what schools and colleges prioritise. Nationwide, CPD linked to memory and spaced practice is on the rise following the emphasis given to neuroscience research by the Education Inspection Framework. Consequently, should we conclude that Ofsted is downgrading the significance of online learning and the development of students’ digital skills? Prior to the EIF, both aspects were included in all inspection frameworks, and inspection reports routinely presented good practice examples of online learning.

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