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PCC offers variety of courses this month – The Courier=Times


Although the spring semester is underway at Piedmont Community College, those interested can still register for classes that are condensed into 13 and 8-weeks. 13-week classes begin January 30 and include:

  • College Transfer Success (ACA 122)

    Offered Tue./Thur., 9:30 – 10:34 a.m., on both campuses;This course provides information and strategies necessary to develop clear academic and professional goals beyond the community college experience.

  • Introduction to Business (BUS 110)

    Offered online; covering the basic principles and practices of contemporary business, students will gain an understanding of business concepts as a foundation for future classes.

  • Introduction to Computers (CIS 110)

    Offered online; Learn computer concepts, including fundamental functions, operations of the computer, identification of hardware components, security issues, and use of software applications.

  • Public Speaking (COM 231)

    Offered Thur., 1:20 – 3 p.m. on the Caswell County Campus; Gain instruction and experience in preparation and delivery of speeches within a public setting and group discussion. Emphasis is placed on research, preparation, delivery, and…

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