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Nationalist ‘antics’ or the future of the GOP? College Republicans are at war – USA TODAY



The College Republicans are worried – partially about their Democratic peers on campus but also about other young people who call themselves Republican. 

The more moderate among them say they fear far-right students’ “antics” will corrupt the party. Their counterparts argue the party is too stodgy to capture the attention of undecided voters. In California and Washington, the groups fractured over who should lead them. 

Underlying the college conservatives’ fears: that the Republican Party as a whole is in trouble.

For young Republicans, embracing a conservative identity while enrolled in college is a decision to be an outsider. Many of them say they feel ostracized on their campus for their beliefs, which fosters an “us vs. them” mentality. 

Young voters in 2020: ‘I think they will decide the race’

That might partially explain why they host events such as “affirmative action bake sales,” in which they sell treats  at different prices based on a person’s race. These types of events are meant to rile college communities, and they often succeed. Students both broadcast their views against affirmative action and generate as much attention as they…

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Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/education/2020/01/17/college-republicans-crnc-trump-republican-party-gop-turning-point-usa/4476649002/

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