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Our Man in Arlington – Falls Church News Press


Racial tension in our schools is an old story.

So I was jarred to note the emergence last year of the Black Parents of Arlington, advocates raising new concerns about systemic bias in the system that they say stifles opportunities for gifted and talented programs, with stubborn racial gaps in test scores and discipline rates.

A half-century ago, I covered similar tensions for the Yorktown High School Sentry. Working with government teacher Harvey Wright, I surveyed 50 black students on their adjustment to our newly integrated school. As four percent of the student body, several cited unfair treatment in sports and administrators dispersing black students when they congregated.

“In a classroom with no other blacks, we are made to feel more like a minority,” several said in a statement. “There is a certain kind of comfort a brother or sister gets when he or she knows there is another brother nearby.”

Flash forward to Jan. 8, 2020. A black parent activist, a black Yorktown student and two Arlington school administrators diagnosed problems and possible solutions at the Committee of 100.

The tale is told in a fact sheet compiled by…

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