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Why 2019 was a pivotal year for the degree – Inside Higher Ed


A recent New York Times article examined the need for the “60-year curriculum” at a time when people are living and working longer. As workers move across jobs and careers, they will constantly need new skills — over many decades — to remain employable. This pace of change, fueled by globalization and technology, is fundamentally reshaping the future of work and creating a need for a new kind of lifelong learning.

In that context, the university degree is facing growing competition and criticism, but 2019 saw significant innovations in the design and delivery of degrees that promise to meet this need.

Higher education institutions are making the university degree more accessible, more affordable, more flexible and more relevant to a global audience of lifelong learners. While the choice of job-relevant credentials has grown considerably, degrees continue to be valued by employers as the most important predictor of future success, reflected in the wage premium degree holders command. Innovations that we saw in 2019 give us a glimpse of how the degree will continue to play a vital role in our digital future.

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