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These days, Americans don’t agree on much, but we know this: We’ve got too much stuff.

Baby boomers especially are feeling as if the possessions we have bought or been given are weighing us down. For weeks, I’ve been talking with boomers about approaching life after 50 with curiosity and enthusiasm. Many of us are saying it’s time to pare down and re-evaluate our habits.

I could watch Marie Kondo magically change lives for hours. Doing it myself, however, is not so entertaining. It’s hard! How do you decide what to toss — and how to toss it — without burdening others?

We asked people who have been through the process to tell us their stories. Some just needed a push to get started. Others focused on a goal, such as traveling. Some were methodical, others ruthless and unsentimental. One woman said she takes items away when her husband isn’t home. “And he doesn’t miss most items.”

For many, getting rid of the extra stuff is freeing, but not everyone shares that joy. Read on for some

real-world insight and inspiration, most of it sent in by Washington Post readers.

Understand your ‘why’

For some, understanding the motivation for…

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