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Wingsmoto 200×50 (8"x2") Solid Tire Airless Tire Tyre for Swagman 2-wheel Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter – Adindashop



Emblem New 200 x 50 Forged Tire (eight inch airless) for two-wheel Good Self Balancing Scooter, Electrical Scooter

Bundle Contains: 1 x Tire. *no longer being offered as set*

Specs(Handbook Measurements Are Just for Reference):
Tire Measurement: 200 x 50
Outer Diameter: 200mm (7.87″)
Facet Width:50mm(1.ninety six”)
Tire Internal Diameter:117mm (four.6″)
See footage for extra measurements.

Please take a look at your antique tire earlier than shopping for. A few self balancing scooters use 10″ or 6″ tires. This Forged tire handiest suits self balancing scooter. It wont suits child razor scooters or wheel chain scooters. This Forged tire is tricky to put in.

You’re handiest shopping for the cast tire.Self balancing scooter isn’t Integrated.
Please be aware: This Forged tire ONLY have compatibility for 8 inch hub motor wheel. Cannot have compatibility any wheel with Internal tube.
This Forged tire (airless) suits for 8 inch wheel(wheel outer diameter 200mm) Electrical scooter, hover-board
Bundle Integrated: 1 x Tire, no longer 2 items
Specs: Tire Measurement: 200 x 50,Outer Diameter: 200mm (7.87″),Facet Width:50mm(1.ninety six”),Tire Internal Diameter:117mm (four.6″),Handbook Measurements Are Just for Reference,Please see footage for extra measurements
Deploy Guidelines: It’s tricky paintings to switch this Forged tire if with out skilled gear/device. Please are not making order should you would not have robust operation talents.
You want to disassemble the rear hub motor (simple)and press the hub into the tire(tricky). Positioned the tire into scorching water for 2 mins, blank the water briefly and Positioned it onto the hub motor. It’ll be somewhat more straightforward.

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