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Why Covid-19 case numbers are falling in the US – Vox.com


The United States has suffered one of the worst Covid-19 epidemics in the world. But here’s a bit of good news: Since late July, the number of new coronavirus cases has steadily declined across most of the country.

That’s not to say the US is beating the coronavirus. Reported cases are still higher than they were in the spring (partly, but likely not entirely, the result of more testing). More than 700 people are still dying from Covid-19 on average every day — more daily new Covid-19 deaths than in any other developed country in the world. There are still large epidemics in some states, especially in parts of the Midwest and South.

Still, the decline in America’s Covid-19 cases is real and significant, translating to fewer illnesses and deaths in the next few weeks and, hopefully, months.

Our World in Data

So what happened? How did the US turn it around?

The short of it: We can’t say for certain (as with many things related to the coronavirus), but it seems as though the US’s overall reaction to the July resurgence of Covid-19 — in which much of the nation stepped up social…

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Source: https://www.vox.com/future-perfect/2020/9/14/21432199/coronavirus-covid-19-decline-statistics-chart

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