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Airborne transmission of covid-19 – The BMJ


Guidelines and governments must acknowledge the evidence and take steps to protect the public

In July, 239 scientists signed an open letter “appealing to the medical community and relevant national and international bodies to recognise the potential for airborne spread of covid-19.”1 Although the World Health Organization conceded that “airborne transmission cannot be ruled out,” the response was reserved and arguably mistaken in continuing to suggest that airborne and droplet transmission are discrete categories and that airborne transmission occurs only during medical “aerosol generating procedures.”2

WHO defines droplets as ≥5-10 μm diameter and aerosols as <5 μm. However, both can be generated as a continuum of particle sizes during numerous respiratory activities and their behaviours are not distinct. This has important practical implications for infection control, the prevention of outbreaks and superspreading events, and for the new social behaviours that are being implemented in an effort to control the pandemic.

Aerosols are generated when the surface…

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Source: https://www.bmj.com/content/370/bmj.m3206

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