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August 23 coronavirus news – CNN


The White House may have bullied the US Food and Drug Administration into giving emergency use authorization to using blood plasma from coronavirus survivors as a treatment for new patients, a prominent vaccine expert said Sunday.

I think what’s happening here is you’re seeing bullying, at least at the highest level of the FDA, and I’m sure that there are people at the FDA right now who are the workers there that are as upset about this as I am,” said Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Moving things along quickly is fine, Offit told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, but it’s the FDA’s job to hold products to a standard of safety and efficacy. Offit said he worries that the FDA, like other science-based agencies “get bullied to do what Donald Trump wants them to do, and I think it’s a dangerous game he plays.”

The potential side effects of convalescent plasma are not known, Offit said. While he said he thinks it is likely that it is generally a safe product, “until something has been shown clearly to work, we shouldn’t put it out there.”

It makes sense that administering a serum with high levels of neutralizing antibodies to a person…

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