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Triangulation across data sources to understand COVID-19 – Medical Xpress


A colorized scanning electron micrograph of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Credit: NIAID

One test of both the power and hunger of any individual or organization is the ability to master any and every new, sufficiently advanced technological opportunity that urgently presents itself to the world at large. For example, when smartphones first materialized, these kinds of folks wouldn’t rest until they had created basic apps for themselves. And when the powerful new CRISPR technology became available, neither did any rest until they had experimented with the gene editing technology for themselves. In other words, for them, the gift and curse is that it is simply more painful not to know exactly how it is done than it is to be deprived of basic physical comforts.

Biological problems are fundamentally different from many man-made technologies in that the solutions are not just hard to access, they often don’t yet even exist. They must be created from scratch rather than looked up and copied. A case in point is…

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