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‘Herd immunity’ a risky strategy to combat Covid-19, says CSIR – BusinessLine


Herd immunity as a strategy to combat Covid-19 in the country is a huge risk, according to the Director-General of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Shekhar Mande, media reports said.

Herd immunity is a natural process wherein a large percentage of the population, approximately 70 to 80 per cent, is exposed to the Covid-19 virus and acquires immunity. This is either because they have recovered or through vaccination.

This could help curb the spread of the disease, as there would be a lack of carriers for the virus once the majority of the population has antibodies against the virus and are immune.

The report, quoting Mande said, the strategy is “too large a risk.”. Countries can mitigate the risks of the pandemic and curb the spread of infection with interventions.

CSIR India’s official Twitter account retweeted a similar report with the caption, “#Herdimmunity as #COVID19 strategy risky, countries must make timely interventions: @DGCSIRIndia.”

Mande also warned that there could potentially be a second wave of the virus in India even if infections go down and people must be prepared for it.

The CSIR has adopted a five-pronged approach to combat the…

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