Home Health Politics aside, hydroxychloroquine could (maybe) help fight COVID-19 – Science News

Politics aside, hydroxychloroquine could (maybe) help fight COVID-19 – Science News


President Donald Trump’s announcement
that he is taking the
drug hydroxychloroquine
as a precaution against the coronavirus has once
again thrown a decades-old antimalarial drug into the headlines.

There’s currently not enough data to say
whether the drug can protect people from catching COVID-19 or from getting very
ill if they do get infected with the virus. Studies of its use in treating very
sick patients have shown mixed results and, in some cases, have led to
dangerous side effects.

But now, with the president touting hydroxychloroquine
even as scientists issue cautions about its use, the drug has found itself at
the center of political divides, to the possible detriment of figuring out
whether it works.

Nevertheless, researchers are busy
testing hydroxychloroquine and a related drug called chloroquine to see if they
can either prevent infection or keep illness from worsening. Nearly 200
clinical trials are under way or planned around the world to test the drugs,
either alone or in combination with other medications. That includes at least
28 trials examining whether either drug can protect healthcare workers and
others at high risk of getting…

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Source: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/coronavirus-covid-19-politics-hydroxychloroquine-treatment-research

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