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Coronavirus Latest: Virus Updates for March 14, 2020 – Bloomberg


Fear of the coronavirus is leading nations, from the U.S. to much of Europe and Latin America, to close up and shield their citizens from the spreading outbreak.

That meant shutting borders, airports, seaports and, in France, its iconic cafes and restaurants. Spain and Libya declared emergencies. Italy had 175 new deaths, pushing its total to 1,441.

U.S. President Donald Trump tested negative for the coronavirus, as he extended travel bans to the U.K. and Ireland. New York City reported its first fatality.

Key Developments:

  • Cases topped 152,000 worldwide, with deaths at 5,700
  • China has 80,824 confirmed cases, 3,189 deaths
  • In the U.S., nine new deaths and 520 new cases were reported
  • France’s prime minister says people ignore warnings
  • Schools in Jakarta will close for two weeks
  • African nations from Rwanda to Mauritania reported first cases

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