Home Health Some ultra-Orthodox Jews are ignoring Israel’s coronavirus rules – CNN

Some ultra-Orthodox Jews are ignoring Israel’s coronavirus rules – CNN


Despite a police presence, the crowd mingled freely, apparently unconcerned about the government restrictions on large gatherings, or the reason behind them.

Though police say the majority of the public has heeded the instructions, the seriousness of the situation seems yet to have fully penetrated the ultra-Orthodox community.

More than a week earlier, an ultra-Orthodox wedding in Bet Shemesh near Jerusalem drew a crowd of 150, police said, in violation of government restrictions which limited weddings to ten people. One of those in attendance was supposed to be in quarantine, police said. He was one of three people arrested for endangering public health.

“With the ultra-religious communities, we are definitely emphasizing police units being inside and dispersing people,” said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld. “We’re seeing gatherings of more than ten people which is against the law,” Rosenfeld said, emphasizing instances of religious schools that have remained open, despite orders to close.

In the ongoing fight against coronavirus, the ultra-Orthodox communities have become the front line. Police officers and SWAT teams have gone into these neighborhoods, warning people of the…

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