Home Health New coronavirus infects health workers, spreads to Korea – CIDRAP

New coronavirus infects health workers, spreads to Korea – CIDRAP


A Chinese health official said today that 14 healthcare workers have been infected with the Wuhan-linked novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), bolstering evidence of human-to-human spread and spurring new questions about virus circulation against a backdrop of other winter respiratory illnesses.

In addition, South Korea early this morning reported its first 2019-nCoV case, as the number of outbreak-related cases grew in other Chinese cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, pushing the nation’s total to 218.

The quickly evolving outbreak prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to announce that it will convene an emergency committee on Jan 22 to see if developments warrant a public health emergency of international concern under International Health Regulations.

First report of health worker infections

At a media briefing in China today, the head of the National Health Commission’s (NHC’s) expert group, Zhong Nanshan, said 2019-nCoV shows hallmarks of human-to-human spread and 14 infections have been reported in healthcare workers, according to a report from Sina, an online news outlet in China.

It’s not clear if the 14 healthcare worker infection are from one or multiple facilities….

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Source: http://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2020/01/new-coronavirus-infects-health-workers-spreads-korea

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