Home Health China’s nCoV total tops 900 as outbreak expands to France – CIDRAP

China’s nCoV total tops 900 as outbreak expands to France – CIDRAP


China today reported a surge in newly confirmed novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) cases, pushing the outbreak total past 900 and nearly doubling the number of severely ill people.

Ten more Wuhan-linked cases were reported in other countries, including one in France that marks the first incursion of the outbreak into Europe.

In another key development, the World Health Organization (WHO) today said one of the two cases reported in Vietnam yesterday involved a family member of a confirmed case who had traveled to Wuhan. The finding suggests that human-to-human transmission has occurred in Vietnam, the first known instance of onward spread to someone outside of China who hadn’t been in Wuhan.

Meanwhile, five locations outside of the mainland—Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States—reported new cases, all apparently linked to Wuhan.

Severe illnesses plus clusters in Guangdong

In its latest report today, China’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) reported 259 new cases, boosting its outbreak total as of 4:00 pm yesterday to 830. It said 177 of the patients are severely ill, an increase of 82 from yesterday.

Eight more people died from their…

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