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FALSE: ‘Patient tested positive’ for 2019 nCoV in Makati Medical Center – Rappler


Claim: A message saying a “patient tested positive” for the 2019 novel coronavirus (nCoV) at the Makati Medical Center circulated on messaging apps and social media platforms on Monday, January 27.

The message read: “Hi team, please prevent going to Makati Med. My father-in-law informed us just now that one patient tested positive from Corona Virus (sic). Though naka quarantine na (the patient’s already quarantined)…but still. Also please wear surgical mask at all times most especially whenever we are in Enterprise or Makati area because…ang dami talagang galing china (there really are a lot of people coming from China).”

The message continued: “Government banned direct flights from Wuhan but these people enter through different routes just so they would get out of Wuhan. Mala Train To Busan talaga ang dating (The situation is like Train to Busan). Pati laging mag (Also always use) alcohol after using the elevator. Thanks thanks.”

The message came from a certain “Janelle (Zenith),” as indicated at the bottom of the message.

Three readers forwarded the message to Rappler for verification. Rappler also spotted at least two Facebook posts that said the same…

Read More: https://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/fact-check/250336-patient-tested-positive-2019-ncov-makati-medical-center

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Source: https://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/fact-check/250336-patient-tested-positive-2019-ncov-makati-medical-center

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