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China’s Coronavirus will impact Apple’s business – but how much is unknown – AppleInsider


As the 2019 Novel Coronavirus continues to spread across China, Apple will see some impact from the outbreak —but to what extent various aspects of its business will be impacted remains to be seen.

A coronavirus, which can be identified by its crown-like halo

The city of Wuhan, China has begun enforcing strict rules aimed at minimizing the spread of the new disease, which has claimed 80 lives before January 27 according to the Chinese government. Public transit has shut down, businesses and schools are closed, holiday celebrations have been cancelled, and any travel in or out of the city has been expressly forbidden.

Apple supplier Foxconn has ordered employees who were visiting Taiwan for the Chinese New Year to extend their stay and not return to their Wuhan plant in China, according to Straitstimes. A factory, such as the ones Foxconn operates, could quickly become overrun with an outbreak, potentially putting workers at unnecessary risk and effectively shutting down production.

Foxconn locations in China overlaid on Corona virus infections

Foxconn locations overlaid on Coronavirus infections, the deeper red, the more infections – infection data provided by Wikipedia

In addition to asking many employees to stay at home, Foxconn has ramped…

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