Why Heart Attack Symptoms Are Different In Men & Women


    Knowing this information is critical for being able to respond in a timely manner if you or someone you love is experiencing these symptoms. Yes, women are typically older than men when they develop heart issues, but ischemic heart disease is the leading cause of death in both women and men. Heart attacks are definitely not just a men’s health problem.

    All that said, preventing heart disease before it occurs is always the best route. Adopting practices like regular exercise and eating a plant-based diet can greatly reduce your risk of developing heart disease or having a heart attack in the first place. According to Dr. Kahn, there are also some women-specific heart health recommendations to keep in mind, including avoiding tobacco products and smoking. “This habit is now down to about 15 percent of adults but over 25 percent of millennials. There is no excuse, and women who smoke are at great risk for heart attacks.” Another strategy for women to preserve their heart health in the long-term is to sleep seven to eight hours each night. “This habit reduces stress, improves adherence to a healthy diet and exercise routine, and reduces the risk of clogged arteries,” he explained.

    Protecting ourselves from heart disease requires a two-pronged approach, including educating ourselves on the symptoms and trying to prevent those symptoms from ever occurring. Thankfully, there’s a lot we can do to empower ourselves in the face of heart disease.

    Source : https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/how-heart-attack-symptoms-are-different-in-men-and-women

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