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Crop insurance preparation for 2020 harvest | AG | kmaland.com – KMAland


(KMAland) — Some farmers in Iowa have already started their 2020 harvest, while others aren’t far behind. Crop insurance could come into play for a lot of producers, and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is helping answer your questions.

ISU Extension farm management specialist Tim Christensen says extension staff has been out talking with producers to make sure they understand how their insurance works, and also letting them know how they can take advantage of insurance opportunities.

“It’s really important that they understand they need to be talking with their crop insurance agents and adjusters, and understanding how that insurance works and when they will be in the money and when they are not,” Christensen said.

“They need to understand how that all works with say mycotoxins, for example, has to be tested in the field,” he continued. “So, if you get out there and think you have quality issues with test weight or mycotoxin or something, you need to get ahold of your crop adjuster before you completely harvest that field to make a claim on that. It’s going to be a challenging fall with the wind and the drought….

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