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Iowa farmers working to recover losses from derecho storm – KCRG


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig, said over five million acres of crop was severely damaged from the Derecho storm on August 10th. Farmers were now faced with how to make up for some of the losses.

“It pretty much confirmed what we knew when we came out and saw it,” said John Airy, a Linn County Farmer. “We had a mess.”

You could see row after row of the damaged crop on Airy’s land just outside of Cedar Rapids. He said insurance will cover some of the losses, but many insurance agencies ask farmers to attempt to harvest the crop during harvest season.

“Crop insurance, generally speaking, you need to attempt to harvest it and get as much as you can before they’ll settle,” he said. “There will be a few farms in Iowa whose crop is flattened or broken. Those guys might be in a position where they can just destroy the crop and collect their insurance.”

This damage could be seen in many parts of the area. Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig’s Office said they were pushing the USDA for more “No Harvest” options. This would allow farmers who have severe damage to harvest the crop and make an insurance claim. The USDA gave…

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