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Crop insurance reminders for farmers affected by recent storms – Agri News


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The recent storm system on Aug. 10 resulted in significant damage to crops across the Midwest, including in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency offered a few basic reminders for producers in these affected areas with crop insurance:

• If you have a crop loss, or think you may have a crop loss, notify your crop insurance agent within 72 hours of the initial time of discovery of damage or loss of production. This must be done to begin the claim process, and before destroying the insured crop, putting the insured crop to an alternative use, or abandoning any portion of the insured crop.

• Your Approved Insurance Provider will discuss your options and, if necessary, send a loss adjuster to work the claim.

• Keep in mind, damaged crops taken to harvest must be cared for and maintained following generally recognized good farming practices.

• If you decide not to maintain the entire crop, your AIP will work with you to identify representative sample areas or strips that must be left intact and maintained for future appraisals.

For more information about crop insurance and the modern farm safety…

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Source: https://www.agrinews-pubs.com/2020/08/23/crop-insurance-reminders-for-farmers-affected-by-recent-storms/aat5pk7/

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