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Not that far from what you should expect – CapeGazette.com


Our foursome played a morning round Aug. 17, a day after weekend rains created a soaking-wet Rookery South golf course. After standing in the first fairway to watch the other approach shots, I left half-inch-deep footprints – and I am not a big guy.

The wet conditions lengthened the course. Several of my drives “rolled out” a foot or two instead of my usual 10 to 25 yards of extra distance after the carry. Second shots on par fives suffered a similar fate. Most of my playing partners’ shots also failed to gain their usual roll-out.

At one point, I suggested to Bob Viscount that perhaps we should post our scores as if we played from the blue tees.

That didn’t happen, but I later reached out to Delaware State Golf Association Executive Director Laura Heien to see if our handicap scores would be affected by the wet grounds. The new World Handicap System gives the GHIN handicap system a chance to adjust posted scores based on playing conditions.

Laura responded, “The Playing Conditions Calculation happens automatically within GHIN every night based on the scores posted that particular day. It is only applicable during the active season, so in our case that would be…

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