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Changing crops poses challenges for farmers – Jamestown Sun


“These weeks will be telling,” she said. “Any rain would prompt farmers to consider changes from corn and wheat.”

Changing crops is not easy decision, according to Frayne Olson, associate professor of agriculture at North Dakota State University. Olson said the economic decisions on whether to change crops or claim prevented planting under crop insurance “vary significantly from operator to operator.”

“There are lots of decisions and lots of factors involved,” he said. “At this stage of the game farmers are looking at what fields are available and what chemicals were put down last fall.”

For example, chemicals applied in the fall in anticipation of planting corn the next spring could eliminate planting soybeans in the field, Olson said. Fields fertilzed for corn in the fall for corn may still be able to grow soybeans the next year but the expense of the fertilizer would be wasted.

Olson said farmers considering their options this spring should start by…

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