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Innovation offers a ray of hope in times of recession – Intelligent Insurer


In these uncertain times, many economists are predicting the worst downturn since the great depression. The global pandemic is hitting the global economy hard at a time when economic resilience was already low to start with. The recovery is not expected to be easy.

This is something Fernando Villar, chief operations officer and head of P&C Solutions EMEA at Swiss Re, has been giving a lot of thought. “I quite literally wake up and go to sleep thinking about how to help our clients and business partners to grow, be more efficient, and ultimately, how to help make the world more a resilient place,” he says.

Technology is making everyday life so much easier, but Villar says it could do a lot more.

“How can innovation and Swiss Re’s position as a leader in digital transformation help? And why is it so important to think about that now, especially in these dark times?”

Referencing the maxim about recognising opportunity in a crisis he points to new products, partnerships and ideas that he says, “have the potential to change the insurance market”.

Here are Villar’s simple examples of innovation that he says have only become possible very recently.


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Source: https://www.intelligentinsurer.com/article/innovation-offers-a-ray-of-hope-in-times-of-recession

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