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Michelle Wie West Considering US Open – Sports Rantz


During quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, many in the world of sports are re-watching old content to get their sports fix, and CBS did so with Tiger Woods’ victory at the Masters last year.

Furthermore, Woods spoke candidly about the victory during an interview with CBS’ Jim Nantz as the replay aired, with Woods becoming emotional at many points during the interview.

Woods, 44, said he would be ready if the tournament were played as scheduled, and hated the idea that he had been holding on to the green jacket longer due to the pandemic.

“Yes, I would have been good to go,” Woods said, according to ESPN’s Bob Harig. “Mind and body were coming together. … I was not my normal self [earlier in the week], and all of my normal pre-major championship self, I’m used to having this four times a year. I kind of get in that mode. And it started happening again.

“But this year, I was out practicing and subconsciously getting ready. I didn’t realize I was getting ready. I just wanted to go out there, have some fun, hit some balls and get out of the house. But it’s amazing. I’ve been doing it for so long that things were starting to come together. I was starting…

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