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What farmers are reading this week, April 10-17 – Successful Farming


This week, planting started for a few Corn Belt states, according to the USDA’s Crop Progress Report.

With some farmers starting, one specialist says temperatures still need to be monitored before planting corn in some areas.

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Soil conditions may be right, but hold off on corn planting

AMES, IA – March into early April has been warm enough and dry enough to the point that soil conditions are good for planting. The calendar date is a bit early; after all the crop insurance, replanting is April 11. Regardless, many are pondering if they should be planting corn already, and some maybe already have.

Mark Licht is an Extension cropping systems specialist at Iowa State University. He says now’s the time to exercise caution and patience. The five- to 10-day weather forecast is moving to the cooler side of things with many daytime temperatures forecast to be below 40°F and nighttime temperatures below freezing. Additionally, date of planting trials in Iowa and surrounding states suggest that maximum yields come from planting dates after mid-April. Here are a couple things to consider that might halt the…

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