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What Farmers Are Reading This Week, February 7-14 – Successful Farming


This week, multiple companies released new information on equipment.

Along with the equipment updates, the USDA released a new report, crop insurance received a cut, and hemp stayed in the news.

If you missed anything from last week, follow the Successful Farming staffs work in last week’s recap.

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John Deere makes 4 announcements ahead of 2020 National Farm Machinery Show

This week, hundreds of farmers will attend the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky. John Deere made a number of announcements regarding its tractor, seeder, and planter offerings in anticipation of the 2020 event.

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Occasional tillage may have a place in long-term no-till

Long-term no-till farmers know the feeling well: the fear that a tillage pass to control weeds or smooth out ditches will destroy soil structure and other benefits that no-till brought to the farm. 

Recent research published by the University of Nebraska refutes that notion. In fact, studies by Charles Wortmann, soil and nutrient management specialist and Humberto Blanco, professor of soil science at…

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