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Car Accident? Not All Kinds Will Make Your Insurance Go Up – Forbes


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If you cause a car accident, your car insurance company might raise your rates at renewal time, or you could expect to pay more if you shop for a new car insurance policy. But not all car accidents are created equal. Here’s what to know about car accidents that won’t cause your rates to go up.

What Is a “Chargeable” Accident?

A chargeable accident is one that can lead to an insurance rate increase. This generally means an accident where you were more than 50% at fault and that caused:

  • Damage to property, like another car or someone’s fence.
  • Bodily injury or death.

Some states might define a chargeable accident in terms of a dollar amount. For example, in Minnesota, a chargeable accident is defined as an accident for which the car insurance company paid more than $500 under bodily injury liability, collision or property damage coverage, with some exceptions.

Some states, such as Massachusetts, consider a chargeable accident to…

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