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Food Works series for small farm leaders – Agri News


CARTERVILLE, Ill. — How can small farms thrive over the long haul? Food Works’ Farm Tune-Up workshop series for small farm entrepreneurs helps farmers answer this question as they tackle marketing, finances and long-term planning.

Food Works’ Farm Tune-up Series is designed to meet the needs of small farm leaders with more than two years of experience.

“Southern Illinois farmers growing berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs, bedding plants, poultry, beef, or pork are ready after a few years to update their business plans, expand, prune unprofitable activities, add enterprises, or involve other farm partners,” said Jennifer Paulson, executive director.

“At these workshops, farmers will target their tune-up to their most pressing challenges, learn about tools to get the job done and grow their network of mentors and allies to take their farm into its next decade.”

Participants will engage with experienced farmers who have grown sustainable farms. Hard-won lessons will be shared. Experts will weigh in on issues involving finance, insurance and legal obligations.

Presenters include Cree Bradley, an experienced farmer and farm trainer favorite from Minnesota, who is…

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Source: http://www.agrinews-pubs.com/2020/02/01/food-works-series-for-small-farm-leaders/akdx0ms/

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