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Legislators, lower auto insurance rates | Editorials – American Press


When the Louisiana Legislature meets in March, one of its top priorities should be to lower auto insurance rates in the state.

According to The Zebra, an auto insurance comparison website, Louisiana has the second-highest auto insurance rates in the nation and New Orleans has the second-highest for cities in the nation.

Louisiana’s annual rate is $2,379, second in the nation only to Michigan, which has an annual rate of $3,096, the highest. Likewise, New Orleans has a whopping annual $3,735 rate, second only to Detroit at a massive $6,208 rate, according to Zebra. Baton Rouge had the seventh highest rates, $2,855, for U.S. cities.

By comparison, the annual auto insurance rate in Texas, ranked 30th, is $1,415; Arkansas, 14, $1,698; and Mississippi, 19, $1,587. In addition, Texas has largest insurance rate decrease at -20 percent.

The Zebra report analyzed more than 73 million car insurance rates, dozens of risk trends and risk factors and how they affect insurance pricing nationwide.

There is no excuse for Louisiana to have such high auto insurance rates compared to surrounding states, other than the state’s policies and laws.

Here some other findings in the…

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