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An agent for the people – Manning Live


by Jake McElveen

Bruce McNair has been an insurance agent for more than 30 years. He recently made a big move, and transitioned to Jeffords Insurance Agency, where he will serve Clarendon County and surrounding areas. McNair sat down for an Editors Office Interview and discussed this change, and how he sees his future with this company.

Editor, Jake McElveen: So where are you working now?

Bruce McNair: Jeffords Insurance Agency

E: Where are you coming from?

B: Farm Bureau. I have an agricultural background and several farm interests as well.

E: Where did you grow up?

B: I was born and raised in Gable, right here in Clarendon County. I graduated Laurence Manning Academy and I got an Agribusiness Degree in Tifton, GA, from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.

E: When you got out of college did you go straight into the insurance business?

B: Nope, I came home and joined the family farm. That was during a very transitional period. Tobacco was going out and it was mostly row-crop. Afterwards I left the farm business and went into insurance. I got a chance later to buy a portion of the farm, and I have a small hog business now. My son and…

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