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Economist explains farm bill programs | Crops | hpj.com – High Plains Journal


Kansas State University Extension Ag Economist Monte Vandeveer said professionals and farmers alike have been talking about the 2018 farm bill even before 2018 ticked over on the calendar. Vandeveer is based at the Southwest Research and Extension Center in Garden City, Kansas.

The farm bill has been a long time coming with initial delays because of a government shut down and Farm Service Agency delays pushed it out even further. The commodity program covered quite a bit of ground, Vandeveer said.

“If you look at the three major slices that represent the farm part of the program,” he said. “Fairly evenly divided between crop insurance, the commodity programs and conservation.”

The little sliver of the pie was Extension, and he called its portion “sort of the rounding error.”

“But notice that now crop insurance is actually the biggest part, biggest slice on the farm part of that pie,” he said. “That makes crop insurance another target for budget cutters and people who want to make some big reforms.”

Taking a step back and taking in the big picture of this farm bill, it can probably be called according to Vandeveer, “a status quo…

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