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Farmers seek insurance against Locust attacks – Profit by Pakistan Today


LAHORE: Amid countrywide locust attacks, farmers have approached the government for an increase in the scope of crop insurance scheme to provide them cushion against pest attacks.

In 2018, the Punjab government launched the insurance scheme to provide cover to farmers growing cotton, rice, and wheat –it was added in 2019— against floods, rain or any other calamity of sorts.

However, the policy leaves out pest attacks –a longstanding demand of farmers for protection of their crops against the locust attacks that have seen a spike over the past couple of year.

Though the scheme covers crops, like cotton and wheat, it fails to provide cover to farmers who grow mustard, which is the worst-hit by locusts.

“Crop insurance scheme is an excellent initiative, but I request the government to increase its scope as my mustard crop is badly affected by the swarms of locusts this season,” Ali Ahmad Sahu, a mustard farmer based in Lodhran lamented. His farm in Dunyapur came under a brief attack of the passing swarm, incurring huge loss to the crop.


A senior agriculture department official shared that the government was working on the…

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