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Costco Car Insurance Review: Is It A Good Deal? – Motor1


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Costco is a great place for families to stock up on everyday items, or for single folks to get a six-month supply of toilet paper. The warehouse store has everything from rotisserie chickens to laptop computers, and even car insurance. Costco car insurance is part of the company’s discounted offerings called Costco Services. Other products in the collection include life insurance, vision insurance, Costco Travel, and payment processing for businesses.

Today, we want to find out if Costco car insurance is worth it. In this Costco auto insurance review, we’ll look at the company’s coverage options, customer service, perks, and more. Overall, we think Costco auto insurance offers an average customer experience but also great prices. If you can get by without an app to manage your car insurance, you might find a great deal with Costco.


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Costco Car Insurance Is Underwritten By Ameriprise

The first thing we need to mention is that Costco auto insurance is really Ameriprise auto insurance. While drivers can purchase car insurance plans through…

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