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Indiana Farm Bureau Wants Lawmakers To Allow Group Health Plans – WFYI


Farmers across the Midwest are facing tight profit margins and rising healthcare costs. And that means some hold off getting medical treatment or forgo health insurance altogether. In response, some state farm bureaus are trying to fill that gap by creating their own group health plan.

Indiana lawmakers will consider a proposal supported by the Indiana Farm Bureau at a General Assembly committee meeting Wednesday. 

Low Commodity Prices and Rising Healthcare Costs

“We raised beef cattle primarily,” says Jacob Smoker, who chairs the Indiana Farm Bureau’s Young Ag and Professionals state group.

The sun is setting and Smoker does his evening chores feeding the cattle on his family’s farm in northern Indiana.

“That goes to grocery stores, things like that, but then also we do row crops as well,” Smoker says. “Non-GMO corn, non-GMO soybeans, things for like tofu processing, as well as seed corn and wheat.”

After working in Chicago, Smoker came back to the farm a few years ago, and says one of the biggest challenges has been healthcare costs.

“Each person in the operation kind of has their own way that they’re doing health care,” he says. “I’ve got a…

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